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Reviews and Testimonials

Excellent prices and customer service w/immediate and continued contact communications regarding my order.. best prices for Cadillac electronic modules and parts !

stevexlrhurley (ResellerRatings) 2014-04-15

Finding parts for a hummer is hard you had the right part and came within a week. I can't ask for more good job! I hope I will not need anything but I will only go to Nalley. thak you

Clean truck (ResellerRatings) 2014-04-08

had exactly what I needed at great prices

Axeltheblack (ResellerRatings) 2014-04-06

I actually ordered the wrong part, but was very satisfied with the overall experience; their huge inventory of parts, the ease of ordering and their response time. I have returned the incorrect part and will order the correct one!

laura_duffin (ResellerRatings) 2014-04-02

Perfect service - two weeks to europe.

roland_zobl (ResellerRatings) 2014-04-02

I found the right parts cheaper than I could at parts store or dealership. I will order from them again and would recommend them in the future

joshdower81 (ResellerRatings) 2014-03-30

Low prices. Called and got answers when needed. Unfortunately, one or two of my model's items are usually not in stock anywhere, so the actual delivery estimate is a wait and see situation.. A 4-5 day wait before shipment was a downside, but at least better than the up to 10 the site forewarned. Otherwise, time for delivery once shipped, was reasonable given the distance.

Redline10-04 (ResellerRatings) 2014-03-19

I was pleasantly surprised at how honest and informative the way your service writer Louis handled my repairs on my HHR. I will definitely come back to your dealer for repairs and hopefully a new car purchase in the future.

Gardnerguy (ResellerRatings) 2014-03-08

The part worked perfectly and has made a big difference in the way the truck shifts.

Stevennelda (ResellerRatings) 2014-03-06

I am very satisfied with the services of your company. This is serious, at all levels.

g_froidevaux (ResellerRatings) 2014-02-26

Im so glad they offer vintage parts!friendly sales people willing to help, fast shipping

tractorman755 (ResellerRatings) 2014-02-25

I was so glad they had the part I needed! My mechanic was not careful and broke it after 400,000 miles. I will now order an extra part for the next 30 years.

lmgarch (ResellerRatings) 2014-02-15

the item ordered was delivered as expected

h3ot (ResellerRatings) 2014-02-15

Got everything I ordered and in a timely manner. The price was great. I will shop there again.

ricky_smith7612 (ResellerRatings) 2014-02-14

Parts in stock, shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition.Will definately use again, Thank You!

simon-66364 (ResellerRatings) 2014-02-14

Part delivered on time as advertised.

joelmartincrawford (ResellerRatings) 2014-02-09

Quick shipping and knowledgable staff

Lylecd (ResellerRatings) 2014-02-05

Amazing service! Fast shipping to Canada. Parts arrived when promised

john_cruickshank (ResellerRatings) 2014-02-01

The part was delivered without any shipping documents. The next day I received a phone call from Nalley GMC telling me I needed to pay more for the part before it could be shipped. I told the lady I already received the part. She told me that the one ordered did not match with the VIN I included with my order. She did not understand why she had been told to call me and said she would bet back to me; however, I have heard nothing further. I have not tried to install the part, since the Nalley GMC person who called said I had ordered the incorrect part.

cookseyph (ResellerRatings) 2014-01-29

Communication via email was excellent. Nalley GMC kept me updated on the order status and then the shipping. The part arrived as promised, was correct, and the price was good as well. I will definitely order form Nalley again.

santullijohn (ResellerRatings) 2014-01-27

The service was excellent, the part arrived on time and in great condition. Will definitely use again.

polinike66 (ResellerRatings) 2014-01-20

I received the wrong part I wanted a cover for a 2003 old's bravada in side door handle driver side got a 2003Chevy trailblazer to big now I'm stuck with it.

cartoon30o (ResellerRatings) 2014-01-18

Been looking for this part for a long and Nalley GMC had a new one . Got it very fast. I will definitely order from them again

tbuck327 (ResellerRatings) 2014-01-18

Parts are a bit pricey but overall very satisfied.

fxstdse2003 (ResellerRatings) 2014-01-14

Very prompt service, received item sooner than expected.

jtruck237 (ResellerRatings) 2014-01-12

Correct parts, fair price, fast shipping. What more could I ask?

robcorea (ResellerRatings) 2014-01-09

my part was shipped incredibly quickly.

Wendling_kimberly14 (ResellerRatings) 2013-12-31

Hi! we were very pleased with the service!! The shipment was sent out on time and it was the right part , because we needed a spare tire, before we went on our trip, and it got here in time for us to put it in the car. So thanks again. I will order more from your company!! M Johnson

madsewer1 (ResellerRatings) 2013-12-22

Very fast shipping and service. Parts were exactly as ordered. I would use again.

agedwards77 (ResellerRatings) 2013-12-17

It is veryeasy to look up your part online and order it. We don't even live in Georgia but prefer to deal with Nalley. We are very well satisfied with their services.

bjobbitt123 (ResellerRatings) 2013-12-16

I live in France and I ordered several pieces for my Corvette C5. I always had quick responses to my questions. I received the correct parts very quickly.
Sketches engines are very accurate.
I recommend Nalley GMC for your purchases.
I will continue to order from this site.
Thank you. Bruno

sniper69800 (ResellerRatings) 2013-12-09

my experience was ok , the site was easy to navigate and i found the delivery fairly fast and was delivered when they said it was going to be

trahasconst (ResellerRatings) 2013-12-08

Great experience! Order was delivered as expected. Would refer to friends and order again.

jscottkapaona (ResellerRatings) 2013-11-28

Efficient and on time with delivery.

abandolon48 (ResellerRatings) 2013-11-27

Parts always in stock, super fast delivery!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU

mikeadunn (ResellerRatings) 2013-11-25

fast and accurate service!

mrpaul-27929 (ResellerRatings) 2013-11-14

Very good system to buy. There was none problem. Thanks

mayerdro (ResellerRatings) 2013-11-13

excellent care service is very fast, the products are original.
highly recommended

bvh820819 (ResellerRatings) 2013-11-12

Prices are decent but it always takes a couple weeks to get the part which seems a bit long, but if you can wait, the prices are decent and lower than most. Their website for parts is probably one of the better ones. Very helpful website, but longer than normal shipping/delivery is a little irksome, and I've placed probably half a dozen orders through them.

tmizer (ResellerRatings) 2013-11-04

I was very happy with there service,Very fast shipping at a fare price. I will purchase from them again.

ron-64752 (ResellerRatings) 2013-10-27

Part as described, new genuine GM part shipped quickly, and in good condition. Very Satisfied!
Northville Auto Sales and Service

northvilleauto (ResellerRatings) 2013-10-23

Easy to locate needed parts from the internet parts diagrams.
Excellent support from Nalley GMC parts dept staff when needed.
In years past, it was often difficult to obtain correct GM original
parts from dealers, but Nalley has taken the mystery out of it !
Great people to do business with.


jimcarol369 (ResellerRatings) 2013-10-17

Thank you for all your help!

iavila (ResellerRatings) 2013-10-17

fast shipping product fit as specified no problems great customer service and will do business with them again

steven_clatt (ResellerRatings) 2013-10-15

I needed help getting the exact part number considering color, etc., and they responded quickly and accurately to my email. I was able to order exactly what I needed. The part arrived on time, and they even sent periodic update messages via email. I highly recommend Nalley, and will most certainly use them again whenever I need parts.

Rodvanbebber (ResellerRatings) 2013-10-11

My only problem: I was looking for some bolts and had called the company and talked to a gentleman and he took my suv vin # and looked up the bolt number and gave it to me. I placed the order online with the bolt number he gave me. I received the bolts and one order was correct but the other bolts he gave me would not fit into the cover pan on my transmission. I had only ordered 2 bolts so it is not worth sending them back. I had great service otherwise.

unibaby1 (ResellerRatings) 2013-10-03

Thanks for the great customer service, I really appreciated your help getting the right color parts for my car!

pickeringc (ResellerRatings) 2013-10-03

I was having a hard time finding a wiring harness for my Saturn Ion on line. I made a call here and within minutes they found what I needed. The price for a new wiring harness was great. I know that if I need any more parts this will my first stop.

macdoxy (ResellerRatings) 2013-10-01

They found the parts that other dealer said did not exist. Awesome job.

Mhealey-44143 (ResellerRatings) 2013-09-24

Thank you, sure will buy again from you

srg-5195 (ResellerRatings) 2013-09-23

Very happy will order from Nalley again.

radams_76049 (ResellerRatings) 2013-09-18

They were very knowledgeable and helpful!

florenceshomes (ResellerRatings) 2013-09-17

Es la primera vez que he pedido piezas para mi Pontiac Firebird del 93 en Nalley Buick GMC, y estoy muy contento, la pr+¦xima vez que yo necesite algo para mi Pontiac, volver+¬ pedir a
Nalley Buick GMC, Saludos, desde Espa+¦a, Gin+¬s Mata.

ginesmata (ResellerRatings) 2013-09-15

I did struggle a little with searching for the part required via the web search window, but finally found what I was looking for.
Paying for the item was easy and well documented. Service and communication was outstanding.

Cheers to all from New Zealand

usprocurer (ResellerRatings) 2013-09-11

Very satisfied with the product no problems got it quick too.

straitjoy47 (ResellerRatings) 2013-09-10

They could be better by informing the customer when there are parts that are not available to send out asap. Then the order is held up another week or so till back ordered parts arrive. When they tell you via email, that there is a "change in the status of your order" that tells me what? It would be nice to know exactly which part isn't readily available.
Too bad that GM dealers across the U.S. aren't better connected to help find parts that are becoming more scarce for older cars 10+ years and not governed by how much or how little profit can be made selling those parts. I would think that they would be glad to "sell older parts collecting dust off of their shelves" and keep me, one of many a Saturn owner happy! How about a computer link with Canadian GM dealers, a lot of parts were made there and in Mexico as well? As parts arrive I see the labels of where and when they were manufactured: France, Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico to name a few. Thank goodness for salvage/recycling yards.....


GAS21MAIL (ResellerRatings) 2013-09-06

My mechanic was very surprised at the quality of the back window wiper for my newly purchased, 2008 GMC Envoy. He could not believe I bought this on line. As for me, I was very satisfied and proud that I (a woman) was able to find the best company (Nalley GMC) to deal with; and to top it off, the price was very easy on my pocketbook.
Thank you for the speed in which it arrived! You are now my 1st choice when buying something for my GMC Envoy

vwflyer1 (ResellerRatings) 2013-08-28

I called and talked to the parts clerk that help me get the right part for my car that I was going to order on line. The part fit just as it should I could not be happier.

atomicdog1 (ResellerRatings) 2013-08-14

Order arrived in a timely manner

parsh4 (ResellerRatings) 2013-08-13

Excellent service. Prompt and fast delivery. The have had the parts that I need.

rotoman-28835 (ResellerRatings) 2013-08-12

I was very pleased with the order process and the parts arrived when promised. I liked the updates sent out so I knew exactly what to expect and when. Of course the parts were exactly what I ordered and arrived in perfect shape.

padqak (ResellerRatings) 2013-08-11

I had looked all over for this part (2003 Avalanche Z71 drivers side bottom seat cover). The description and information was correct, received the part fast and it matched perfect. I could not be any happier.

jpostonjr (ResellerRatings) 2013-08-07

O.E. price was good in that it was competitively priced below list price. Fast shipping. Fragile parts were packaged carefully. Their parts diagrams are the best on the web! This is reason alone to support them by purchasing from them.

sgearing (ResellerRatings) 2013-08-03

Very good communication! Very good turn-around!

Clkuentz (ResellerRatings) 2013-07-31

Simply much more than I expected. I ordered and received the item, no hitches. Very nice indeed.

gmweber (ResellerRatings) 2013-07-24

Even though Nalley didn't have all the parts I wanted, the parts man was very helpful locating other dealers who did.

zizzer-42476 (ResellerRatings) 2013-07-17

Parts arrived quickly and matched vehicle perfectly.

joharris-69650 (ResellerRatings) 2013-07-15

They were very attentive to my needs and were quick to get it delivered to me. They were great!

eelii1 (ResellerRatings) 2013-07-15

Correct part, quick delivery, can't complain.

adam_leicht (ResellerRatings) 2013-07-15

Recently had problems with my H3, couldn't find parts I needed found Nalley GMC with the parts I needed, was easy to locate it with their prints for their parts. Will use them from now on!!!

Workking_1969 (ResellerRatings) 2013-07-14

I got all the parts I need with very little wait time

relliktra (ResellerRatings) 2013-07-08

it's a good place to buy from abroad... I'm from latin america and the shipping has been excellent

a_herrera_87 (ResellerRatings) 2013-07-01

Its just an air filter!!?? It arrived, its the right one. Yippee

pperro57 (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-24

the only bad thing that parts were slow to ship

eaddison (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-22

Good service. Good communication. Correct part.

viscomann (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-19

They had the part that I needed in stock (seat handle for 2004 Yukon XL) and promptly shipped it. Excellent service!!!

p-dubreuil (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-18

Excellent availability of parts
Wait time to get the parts can be somewhat lengthy
Would like to have parts shipped directly from warehouse to cut down on wait time

sjpdpm (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-18

I was veary happy with nalley gmc n will totaly order from thim again price were good part was good and they keep u up dated on when parts r shiped .this is the first time I have shoped on line n will b telling my family n friends to shop with this company !

bevxox (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-17

Great seller with quality product. Fast International shipping

Yb-35600 (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-15

Nalley GMC is a top notch parts dealer, there web sit is very user friendly I have always got the right part the first time I wish all business that I deal with were of this caliber on a one tru 10 scale they are ten all the way. Looking forward to future busines.I can always count on Nalley to have the part I need at the right price. Keep up the good work. Kenneth

kendogtallant (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-14

I was looking for rear tie rods for our 1997 Buick Riviera (ours were rusty and nasty looking so I wanted to replace then with new ones).

Nalley Buick had the parts listed as available; so I ordered them.
Within a week the tie rods arrived. Brand new tie rods. Perfect!!!!!!!!!!

vic-27495 (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-13

The experience was very good overall and I was informed of the status almost every step of the way, except that one additional part in my order ended not being available (2 total unavailable items) and I only discovered this after the package had arrived and I opened the box. I did receive full credit for the unavailable item.

mark_of_goodness (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-11

Easy site navigation. Product ordered was exact replacement I was looking for. Fast shipping and decent prices.

rsta990517 (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-11

Good prices and fast shipping...

dbld67 (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-09

Order was processed quickly and products arrived on time. Saved money compared to buying from a local dealership.

scot_duft (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-07

Excellent service..Thanks to David Copeland who was able to locate a discontinued part for me as it was no longer available thru GM for my 2003 Somona I was now able to purchase the other parts from you and repair my truck. Thanks again.

immpressions (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-05

The goods were as advertised but I thought the postage was a little expensive. The box the goods came in was much bigger than necessary. Perhaps a smaller package would have made the postage a little cheaper.

vaughnrsmee (ResellerRatings) 2013-06-04

Part came package good enough to be glass and it was rubber & metal. Good product. Shipped on time. No problems.

ryan_koenig (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-30

They are very knowledgeable and were extremely helpful in making sure I received the correct part for my 1992 Chevy truck.

Slidedriller1 (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-29

For me, Nalley GMC is like the of General Motors parts. Their website is easy to navigate and the part diagrams, immensely helpful. Ordering was trivial. After the sale, Nalley GMC provided clear communications on status and all parts arrived correctly and safely. What a nice company to do business with!

lenzkes (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-29

I spoke with a Customer Service Person before I ordered. I ended up with the wrong part. Mainly because neither of us were sure of what the part was called. She was very friendly and helpful. I hope to order the correct part soon. I will end up using the parts I ordered because they are window seals that will work well with the outer window seals I am going to get.

Vaff439 (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-28

Excellent customer service, great prices, easy ordering and quick delivery, you can't beat that!

dackert (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-27

I recently placed my first order with Nalley GM. I have ordered through several GM part warehouses over the years and have had varying levels of experience with their customer service and order fulfillment. The order I placed with Nalley contained several parts that I was told by three different GM part suppliers over a year ago were no longer available/produced by GM. I saw on their website that these parts showed to be in stock. I sent an email to verify and received a quick response telling me they were indeed available. I still thought there was probably an error in inventory but placed the order. To my surprise the order processed. I received the order less than a week from placing the it. In all my past experiences ordering older GM parts I usually wait anywhere from three weeks to two months to receive my parts. I was also very pleased with the packing of the parts. It was clear that time and care were taken to protect the parts in shipping. These may seem like simple things but several times in the past I have received expensive parts thrown in a box not designed to handle the weight of the parts and with little to no packing. Their shipping discount was also an awesome deal and it was nice that the rate was not changed after placing the order which has happened to me in the past with other companies.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. It is clear to me that Nalley GM is a very reputable company that values their customers. In my experience this is rare to find today in any company. I will be sure to recommend Nalley GM to anyone seeking parts and will be ordering any GM parts I need from them in the future. Thank you for a perfect ordering experience including customer service, order fulfillment, processing, shipping time, and quality of packaging.

wicknewman (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-26

I am very happy with my purchase from Nalley. Low prices, good website and fast shipping!

Drbremnes (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-26

I purchased from Italy .. unbeatable prices, very fast in shipping, the store has it all!

plevanofranco (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-25

Lucky to find this rare part - only shipping/delivery lasted very long
(4 weeks) from US to Germany - comment: High cost via UPS or
thanks Kathrin von Harten

info-525 (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-25

The cost of the part and the customer service were great. The only issue I had was that there was a flaw in the part and it did not work properly. I had to have the car back on the road and was able to take it apart and replace what had broken initially so I got the job done but would have preferred the part be in working order.

aestheticmess (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-24

I have previously purchased parts from Nalley GMC and continue return whenever I need more parts because their prices are great and they are quick to ship. They communicate well with their customers and are a pleasure to deal with.

gmatthis (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-23

Great Experience!!!!!!!!!!!

davevondo (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-23

very satisfied, reliability, speed and quality. I want a future collaboration

suenioaccini (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-23

Order came in a timely manner, was complete, and in good condition.

gmenifee (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-23

The part was what I wanted and the service was fast. Good buying experience.

muttley491 (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-23

Part as described, notified of shipment by e-mail, shipped quickly, great price!

sjgreen (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-23

Not sure I should rate this as this order was for leather seat panels and would have to be ordered from the factory. I have yet to receive the order and have asked UPS to hold it back an additional week. Nalley GMC has always been consistent with getting orders out quickly and efficiently and am very happy with them as one of my suppliers.

emaneval (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-23

Always happy to find hard to find pieces for my '91 Geo Tracker renovation here! thanks for supporting this classic SUV

dtspenn (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-23

quick, easy, and helpful> salesperson when overboard to be sure the the order went out quickly.

jim-751 (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-23

Nalley GMC parts department was great! Even though I ended up getting the wrong part (because it was what my mechanic wanted me to order), they took it back without any problem. When I called the parts department back and told them what had happened and described to him what I really needed, he found what I needed. And even though it was a discontinued part, he told me where I could find it and even gave me a phone number to call! Jim Smith was the gentleman that helped me at the end. Even though I was clear across the United States, he was still so very helpful and I would definitely do business with them in a heartbeat!

OCMomof5 (ResellerRatings) 2013-05-16

We try our best to meet all your GM Parts needs. When a part has been discontinued or is no longer available, we will make every effort to obtain the part for you. We cannot guarantee the listed price for discontinued parts, but we will contact you for confirmation before processing your order.
While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this data, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages.
Please verify any information in question with a sales representative.

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